History, future, company philosophy, – nextzett!

Much has happened in the last years. It was the right decision to start nextzett! We feel confirmed, because many former einszett customers are convinced nextzett customers today. We are still amazed at how quickly the new brand has successfully established itself. With the acquisition of the rights of the traditional brand einszett, even the last skeptic has realized that nextzett does not just continue where it left off.
It would certainly be wrong to deny one’s roots, of course we fall back on the many years of experience we have acquired at einszett. For us, the existing know-how is the solid basis for a successful future. Nevertheless, it is not our claim and goal to leave it at that. Standstill would be fatal, just as fatal as to abandon proven. Every day, we work to provide our customers with a balanced, complete, continuously optimized premium product range. We want to consistently develop our product range and to meet the challenges of the market and our customers.

Our company philosophy is reflected in our label: The Z in the middle has nostalgic reasons and makes our roots clear. At the same time, Z stands for Zukunft (the future). The blue stylised arrow points slightly upwards and that is the direction we are striving for – constantly and sustainably upwards. The colour blue stands for water and our clear demand we make of ourselves to protect our environment with environmentally-friendly products. The green implied leaf undermines once again the ecological requirements we fulfil with our products. We are convinced that economical success and economical responsibility go inseparably hand in hand.

It is our ambition to continue old, tried and tested tradition and, at the same time, push new innovations. In this field of conflict, we have successfully establish the new brand name nextzett.

Vehicle cleaning and valeting in perfection – the customer demand we claim of yourselves. Shaped by almost 80 years of experience with the brand name einszett, we have all the requirements and skills to adapt tried and tested products to new conditions and develop new products. In the field of professional vehicle maintenance and valeting, we already have a wide range of products today. We are very close to the customer, know the problems and are able to present solutions. The have the necessary experience in development to create new innovative products that set standards. In line with tradition, nextzett is an internationally operating company with a growing market share, above all in the sector of utility vehicle cleaning.

Our closeness to the car wash manufacturer BHB, one of the leading manufacturers in the field of washing plants for track vehicles, utility vehicles and buses, opens up to us the possibilities in the field of service and setting up car washes to offer our customers optimal technical support that goes far beyond the supply of washing chemicals. Not only are we suppliers of a wide range of washing and care products for cars and utility vehicles, but also competent partners in anything to do with technology and wastewater preparations. We supply the entire spectrum of washing and water preparation chemicals from car portal plants self-service car washes, modern car drive-through car washed, truck washes, tube and tram washing plants down to express train washing plants.

Our claim:

The ideal balance between cleaning performance, material compatibility, environmental protection for all car washes at fair prices.

We guarantee quality beyond our products. Optimal cleaning and care results are only achieved if a perfect combination of the individual products according to customer requirements is found. The coordination and precise adjustment to the special conditions of your car wash makes the difference. We achieve first-class care results with you. Our extensively trained staff will support you in any issues regarding chemicals, water preparation and technology.

Premium-Quality- nextzett!

  • Maximum cleaning power
  • Benchmark in vehicle drying
  • Perfect shin
  • Modern and yet tried and tested recipes: Environmentally friendly and gentle to materials
  • NTA-free: Not harmful to health
  • Super concentrates: Low consumption, maximum efficiency
  • Fresh smell for pleasant atmosphere in the car wash
  • Ideal for biological water preparation plants


Besides the technical services, nextzett offers marketing advice tailor-made to the customer. We support you with advertising material and develop advertising efforts together with you for your business success.

Perfectly coordinated products provide you with the right solution for any cleaning job. Our high quality formulae prevent the formation of smears and smudges. An almost microbead-free drying process as well as excellent sine-giving components provide for an incomparable visible and measurable gloss level.

Recipes made perfect into the smallest detail guarantee additional positive product properties. Special tasks such as high levels of water hardness or problematic water qualities are daily challenges for us and an incentive for us to find the optimal solution for our customers.

What distinguishes us?

  • nextzett products are material-compatible, are gentle to vehicle paintwork, brushes and textiles and of course your car wash
  • nextzett products are compatible with all water preparation plants
  • nextzett products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • nextzett products free of hydrogen fluoride!
  • nextzett products cater for the observance of the wastewater threshold