Research & Development

Research and development, also shortened to R & D, is the area in our modern company where new products or possibilities of improving already existing products are worked on. We do research, i.e. pure scientific work performed by our chemists, mainly in the fields of washwater recycling and wastewater treatment. It is all about understanding how our products behave in modern water preparation plants. These results flow into our actual focus development. The implementation of research results in new, marketable products with an above average behaviour in washwater is one route of development that is directly linked with the development of products for wastewater preparation.

Technology development is the buzzword; with the gaining and further development of knowledge and skills, our aim is the solution of practical problems. Chemical products, application technology as well as optimised tools for the respective work step are key building blocks for our development department. We do not limit ourselves to developing excellent polishes but also working out optimal, practice-oriented polishing systems. We orientate ourselves towards the current results of basic research, of application-oriented knowledge and practical experiences. The aim of this is the setup and maintenance of technological achievement potentials and technological core competences that facilitate direct practical applications. The term technological development means to us applied research in the field of vehicle cleaning and valeting.

Research and development demand high investments over a longer time period; it is not seldom the case that 1 to 2 years pass from the “idea” to serial production. Product and process development are inseparably linked with each other. In the last decisive phase of the actual product development, we invest our entire development potential to realise concrete sellable products and processes. The aim is to introduce a new or improved product to the market. A standstill means one step back, especially in our sector.

For this reason, R & D remains the core competence of nextzett, we focus on achieving the best! That’s why it has to be nextzett!