Car Wash

From the analysis to the solution

We are not satisfied with merely offering good products. At Nextzett, the customer is entitled to problem analytics, professional advice and flexible, project-related handling. The concepts not only provide the customer with an economic benefit but also provide legal certainty in handling and the processes. The holistic customer benefit is the focus of all activities. This results in individual solutions for every customer combined with the use of differently developed products and concepts.

Service is our success!

Best washing results – splendid shine – environmentally friendly chemicals – highest degree of efficiency

We are not satisfied until the customer is!

Service in the field of car washes, car-wash plants, self-service washing areas:

  • Optimal setting of the plants with regard to the washing and drying result (incl. protocol)
  • Analysis of the water quality of fresh and recycled water incl. necessary measures for draining
  • Technical documentation and advice on plant technology
  • Organisational aids are offered
  • Support in promotional campaigns
  • Optimal setting of the car wash with regard to the use and consumption of products
  • Economical and functional alignment of separators and water preparation plants
  • Assistance in observing all statutory regulations
  • Advice on and enforcement of the German Biomaterial Regulation
  • Details on possibilities for reducing costs with regard to water and wastewater costs, recirculation and wasting washing water