Big Wash

The best washing results - environmentally friendly chemicals - most cost-effective

BHB & Nextzett. BHB-Waschtechnik: The ideal hardware. Highest machine quality. Greatest degree of flexibility in us thanks to the modular setup. Reduction in costs. Nextzett: Excellent washing results by technicians of BHB and chemists of Nextzett, optimal service, approvals in the field of environment and plant technology and last but not least: Reduced costs.

Complete solution for the operator. Consulting and planning of the washers in line with local conditions.

Highest degree of quality of the equipment thanks to robust, innovative machine technology
Smooth machine operation through connecting elements, certified stainless steel screw locking devices and multi-mounted axles.

Flexibility in use
Modifications and supplements are possible at any time thanks to the modular setup of the machine components. Different shapes of vehicles can be washed by one type of machine due to an open control concept.
Operational and washing data collection, systematic invoicing and remote maintenance by way of individual operator concepts via display, touch screen and PC.

Cost reduction
Fixed and calculable costs by way of optimised choice of material, solid workmanship and low energy requirements. Persistent to acids and base as well as optimal protection against rust thanks to special pre-treatment and finishing of steel parts.

100% noise-free recycling water by way of self-developed water preparation plants with an approval number, no addition of chemical products!

Technicians of BHB and chemists of Nextzett work together on site. Car wash technology and cleaning chemicals are ideally adapted to each other.


  • Analysis and inventory of the car wash, readjustment of the system
  • Register of hazardous substances
  • Wastewater tests, sampling and analysis by an accredited laboratory and an operations diary is kept
  • Authorities-compliant consulting


  • Specialists as defined by the German Water Resources Act
  • Approvals in the field of the environment and plant technology
  • Process-optimised water preparation
  • Use of easily bio-degradable washing chemicals
  • Wastewater recovery with biological activation and filtration
  • Wastewater neutralisation to the feed into the sewage drain
  • Material- and environmentally friendly solutions

Cost reduction

  • High used water recycling quotas
  • Optimal dosing of cleaning chemicals
  • Cost reduction thanks to dosing concept
  • No wrong dosing
  • Increased work safety
  • Lower and constant consumption
  • Less wastewater contamination
  • Simple assembly and expansion possibilities
  • Suitable for all Nextzett/SC-System cleaning agents

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