Winter is coming!

Get ready for the cold temperatures with our winter products!

With increasingly colder temperatures it is time to make your car winterproof! In addition to the matching tires, the anti-disk protection is very important.

Now available for the winter season, nextzett AntiFrost Plus concentrate -60 ° C, a special product that cleans reliably soiled windshields. This means a faster, clearer view and therefore safety. It also protects against rapid re-frosting at low temperatures and high humidity. The raw materials contained in the formulation form a transparent clear protective film on the windshield, which prevents re-frosting. Nextzett AntiFrost Plus Concentrate -60 ° C does not have any stress corrosion cracking on headlamp washers and is suitable for all fan nozzles on the market. This ensures a safe and optimal functioning in all weather conditions.

To shorten the scratching at morning, we recommend our tried and tested nextzett Eistau, a ready-to-use de-icer. Our Eistau, with original recipe, is now available with an improved spray head. During the spray process, less product is sprayed extremely finely. This leads to a very economical application and the fine sprinkler, almost aerosol-like, adheres better to the ice. The product does not simply run off, but tumes effectively and quickly. Super effect with minimum consumption! This ensures that iced-up windscreens are reliably free from ice. Eistau also leaves behind a protective film which prevents the water from being re-freezed. No more tedious scratching. Simply spray on, let absorb for a short time, done.