Finally, it’s done – D2 is back!

The oldest einszett product special cleaner D2 is available again. D2 should be taken out of the program, ultimately it was our old einszett customers who always asked for special cleaner D2. The last available bottles from the einszett production have been auctioned for horrendous prices on well-known sales platforms.

One of the reasons that we were hesitant, was the outdated prescription, according to today valid legal requirements. The original recipe is literally 81 years old! The recipe has always been adapted to the state of the art over the course of time, a further overhaul and adaptation of the recipe stood before the fire at einszett. The aim was, to eliminate certain weaknesses of the old formulation. The old recipe had the disadvantage, that the abrasive material always deposited very quickly, so it had to be shaken very long and well. We could significantly improve this. Like all polishes, the new special cleaner D2 must also be shaken before use, but significantly less than before.

The revision took time, but we are convinced: it was worth it!

Worth to believe in a truly unique product and ultimately invest time, money and work. The new D2 is the best D2 since 1936!

We take this as an opportunity to bring the special cleaner D2 as the first nextzett product under the old brand name! einszett the traditional brand of nextzett!

More classics will follow, we want to revive einszett as a brand! The single glass polish will follow! As a supplement, there will be a new window seal, which will also emerge as a new development under our brand einszett.